We can arrange for the hire of various items of mobility equipment at most resorts. Below is a list of the most popular items we can rent on your behalf in each resort. (Some of these items are available at no extra charge in some of the accommodation.)
If there is something in particular that you require which does not appear on the list below, please contact us and we will see if we can source it for you.

Please note that although we can get equipment in most resorts, some accommodation may not be suitable for certain items due to door widths.

   TFS   LAN   GC   MALL   ESP   FR**   JER   FLO   ICE   CYP   CR   POR 
Manual Wheelchair    
Electric Wheelchair    
Mobility Scooter    
Commode/Shower Chair  
Electric/Manual Hoist  
Cotsides  -  -   
Electric Profile Bed    
Ripple/Air Mattress      

** Equipment hire in France varies considerably from place to place. Please enquire.


TFS - Tenerife
LAN - Lanzarote
GC - Gran Canaria
MALL - Mallorca
ESP - Spain
FR - France
JER - Jersey
FLO - Florida
ICE - Iceland
CYP - Cyprus
CR - Crete
POR - Portugal