Q. How long have you been working with people with restricted mobility?
A. Established in 1991, we are the longest serving tour operator providing holidays for disabled travellers.

Q. How can you tell if the properties you offer are wheelchair friendly?
A. All properties are well known to us as they have been inspected by us, or have been recommended by a wheelchair user known to us. Although properties may not have been designed for Independent Living we can discuss the accommodation with you and give recommendations over its suitability.

Q. Will my wheelchair incur an extra charge on flights?
A. Airlines will carry your wheelchair at no extra charge. This will be in addition to your standard baggage allowance. Damage to wheelchairs whilst being loaded and carried in the hold of an aircraft is not unknown. It is important that you consider insuring your wheelchair against damage or loss when being carried by air or other modes of transport.  Please ensure that your chair is tagged like the rest of your luggage and any detachable parts should be placed in your hand luggage.
Some airlines have a weight restriction for wheelchairs. Also, if you are travelling with an electric wheelchair you will need to let the airline know its dimensions and battery type before you travel. 
It is ESSENTIAL to advise the airlines of your special requirements.

Q. What about Floor surfaces in your properties?
A. Continental properties make extensive use of marble or ceramic floor surfaces, which are pleasing to the eye but, when they are wet, can be hazardous. Caution should be taken with such surfaces, especially in the bathroom. Please ensure you place mats or towels on the floor. Some clients find that rubber soled beach sandals are suitable for such surfaces.

Q. Why should we choose to book with Access Travel

A. We offer a personal contact to all our clients which the larger tour operators are unable to give. This is essential to provide for the individual needs of each of you, our clients, as each persons needs and requirements differ according to their condition.

Q. What is Accessible?
A. The various properties featured by Access Travel in the brochure and on our website are included because, in our judgement, they offer a good level of access for wheelchair users and those requiring a relatively barrier free environment. We do recognise and understand that each person’s ability to access a particular environment will depend on a number of personal factors. These are only known to you, the traveller, and not Access Travel. We have judged that our properties have reasonable access but we do not guarantee total “access for all”.

Q. Are the resorts you use accessible?
A. Not all resorts have accessible public conveniences nor dropped kerbs on every corner. Some resorts have better facilities for wheelchair users than others. For example, some beaches offer beach wheelchairs where you can gain access to the sea easily. Several resorts also have long promenades which are ideal for wheeling along to view the sites.

Q. Do all the accommodations you offer have grab rails in situ?
A. We have inspected many hotels and villas over the years and have discovered that very few have grab rails/bars in precisely the same position. We endeavour to show these grab rails in our pictures on our website. The presence of a grab rail/bar is therefore only an indication that the proprietors recognise the value of such aids and wish to welcome guests with special needs. We cannot guarantee that they will be in positions or of sufficient quantity to perfectly suit an individual client.

Q. Do any of your holidays offer Care Packages?
A. Owing to various regulations and restrictions we do not offer care packages as such, but professional nursing assistance is available in Tenerife, Cyprus, Portugal and Torremolinos. Please discuss your needs with our staff.

Q. Do you provide accessible vehicles?
A. We are able to hire wheelchair accessible vehicles for you in some destinations. Some resorts can also provide wheelchair accessible excursions in a minibus. Please enquire.